Pipe Lining is the Australian Licencee for the AM-LINER II system. AM-Liner was introduced to the market place in 1992 and is a proven trenchless lining system with over 1.5 million metres installed.

AM-Liner is manufactured in a factory and not in the ground. The Physical properties of the liner are known at the time of manufacture, not weeks after the product has been installed.

The product is delivered to us in lengths of up to 300 metres and every coil in individually tested for quality.

Manufacture and quality control reports are available to our customers.

The installation process is as follows:

1. water jet cleaning and cctv inspection of drain
2. product reel is heated with steam
3. by-pass pumping of drain where necessary
4. winch set-up in downstream access chamber
5. liner is shaped and pulled into drain
6. stress release process
7. thermoforming process
8. pressurisation with ambient air
9. reinstatement of the laterals


  • manufactured from polyvinyl chloride compounds specially formulated for pipe rehabilitation.
  • resistant to all normal effluents due to the superior chemical & flame resistant properties of PVC.
  • manufactured to SDR 32.5 and SDR 26 to line pipe from 150mm to 300mm.
  • conforms to ASTM standards F-1867 and F-1871

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